Dear Rebels,

Let us introduce you to the new kid on the block, here to shake up English wine with our Charmat (not Champers). We’re loud, proud, and love our bubbles and know you will too.

We should probably be more demure but we are Harlot and we Refuse to Conform.

Much love

We have a vision to bring the finest English wines to the UK market. We have a long history of producing award-winning English Sparkling Wines, with an extensive infrastructure, both in France and the UK.

All the grapes for our wines are grown on our vineyards in Essex. We have a passion for sustainability and manage our vineyards sympathetically, employing pioneering techniques to minimise our impact on the environment, such as composting organic waste, harvesting rainwater and heating our sites using natural sources, such as ground source heat pumps.

While learning from our history and building for our future, we plan to revolutionise the English wine industry for the better.