About us

About us

MDCV UK has a vision to bring the finest English and Provençal wines to the UK market. We have a long history of producing award-winning Provence rosé and English Sparkling Wines, and with an extensive infrastructure, both in France and the UK we are able to harness the finest talent in all areas of our business, to deliver exceptional products to the UK market.

 We will be the largest producer of wine in each of these regions by 2024, with a combined production of over 10 million bottles annually. 

Our French estates span over 1000 acres and are already established in many global markets, with sales of over 4 million bottles. In the UK, we are establishing the largest single vineyard site, based in Kent, and plan to be in full production from 2024. 

As a business, we strive for innovation and use many cutting-edge techniques in our vineyards and winemaking. The ambition and scale of what we do allows us some of the most efficient operations in the world, while still producing high quality wine of award-winning standard. 

We have a passion for sustainability and manage all our vineyards organically. We employ pioneering techniques to minimise our impact on the environment, such as composting organic waste, harvesting rainwater and heating our sites using natural sources, such as ground source heat pumps. 

While learning from our history and building for our future, we plan to revolutionise the English wine industry for the better.